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Keynote Speakers

Charit Tingsabadh

Director, Centre for European Studies, Chulalongkorn University , Bangkok Thailand

Member, Research Subcommittee on Forestry and Multipurpose Trees, National Research Council


B.A., Economics Cambridge University, M. Social Sciences in Birmingham University, UK and Ph.D., Development Planning, UCL, London University, U.K.

Former Director of the Centre for Ecological Economics, he is interested in economics of the environment  and in Social and Environmental Research including climate change, forestry development, and urban environmental management.As Director of CES , besides European studies and theoretical aspects of regional integration  and how they may apply in other contexts eg the ASEAN region,  he is now developing co-operations with Centres for European Studies in Thailand and abroad through joint activities such as exchanges of information, research and scholarly exchanges.


Baromey Neth

Head of Department of Tourism,  Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities,

Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Dr. Baromey Neth is a tourism specialist. He is Head of Tourism Department at the Royal University of Phnom Penh since 2003. His academic and professional research focuses on integrated conservation and development, community economic development, sustainable development, planning, policy, and management issues in tourism as well as on rural development. He is specifically interested in development policy and planning oriented research works which involve the design of sustainable approaches and frameworks that can be applied to help develop and operate responsible tourism in a way that benefits micro and macro economy, conservation of natural and cultural resources, and community development.

Mariangela Franch

Professor at the Faculty of Economics and  Vice rector for  equality - University of Trento , Italy


Mariangela Franch has been a professor of Marketing and Service Management at the University of Trento. In 1993 she founded the eTourism Research Group, on interdisciplinary group for studying the characteristics of the tourist sector in alpine regions. In 2000 she founded the Master’s degree in Tourism Marketing.
The current research interests of Mariangela Franch are linked to sustainable tourism and destination management and to the governance of local tourism systems. She has published widely in the areas of tourism marketing and management, with over 100 publications in international journals, government reports, book chapters, monographs and presentations at international conferences.


Manat Chaisawat 

Associate Professor  at Prince of Songkla University, Phuket Thailand 

Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Thai Hospitality & Tourism

APTA (Asia Pacific Tourism Association) Board Member and Thai Representative 1997-Present


Director of MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Manat Chaisawat has been the founder of the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Managemen at PSU  As a specialist in Environment and sustainable development, tourism management  he is author of over 100 scientific articles and research a s member or leader of international teams

Board member of Asia Pacific  Tourism Association and other professional associations he has been President o APacCHRIE 2010-2011

President, Tourism Academic Association (Thailand): TAAT 2005-2011 Phuket Community College, Prince of Songkla University (PSU)

Paolo Grigolli

Director of the School of Tourism Management at  TSM-Trentino School of Management and
vice-president of AIPMT - Italian Association of Tourism Professionals and Managers


Consultant, researcher and trainer in the field of higher education, is director of TSM a graduate specialization school for managers and professionals.  He coordinates and design training projects , research and interventions with public and private institutions.

Among the most recent activities the planning and supervision of tourism marketing plans in Uzbekistan and other Russian republics; for the County of Split and Central Dalmatia and for several Italian tourism companies.


Erich Thoeni

Prof.- Public Economics/Public Finance and Sports Economics - University of Innsbruck

Chair - Commission for Development Studies, Vienna

Chair - Round Table on (Intern.) Educ.Coop., Vienna

Erasmus Mundus Coordinator - University of Innsbruck


Former  Vice rector for International Relations - Univ. Innsbruck

ASEA-Uninet Coordinator - Univ. Innsbruck

Mitglied (Member) - ASEF/ASEM Edu Hub AC, Singapore

Tran Dinh Lam

Director of CVSAS  -Center for Vietnamese and Southeast Asian Studies,

University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City


BA in Philosophy and Economics, University of Ho Chi Minh City; MA in Philosophy and Economics, University of Ho Chi Minh City; Dip. in Management, Innsbruck University, Austria.; Ph.D. in Economics, Innsbruck University, Austria.
Former  Vice Dean of Philosophy and Economics, University of Ho Chi Minh City.
Head, Dept. of International Relations and Research Affairs, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, VNU – HCMC

Onorio Clauser

Prof of Development Economics at the University of Trento

Director  of Trentino Voluntary Group

Member EADI - European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes

 Graduate in Sociology and MA in Development Economics he has been in charge of aTEMPUS JEP with the State University of Bukhara (Uzbekistan) on Teaching Methods on Tourism Economics  and former referent for Double Degrees between University of Trento and Universities of Bremen, Dresden and Freiberg (Germany).Author or co-author  of many publications on Political economics, international trade, sustainable tourism and development economics  he is now president of Trentino Volunteering Group (GTV) , an NGO located in Trento which works on development projects in Vietnam and the south east Asia.

Antti Honkanen

Director Centre for Tourism Studies - University of Eastern Finland

Finnish University Network for Tourism Studies http://www.funts.fi


Antti Honkanen background is in sociology but he is specialized in tourism and leisure studies. Director of Centre for Tourism Studies at University of Eastern Finland since 2008 he is also Professor at Turku School of Economy and the chairman of Finnish Society for Tourism Research since 2008

His research interest in the field of tourism studies includes seasonality in tourism, travel motivations and behavior and the impacts on tourism and second homes. He has also led several research and development projects in nature and waterbased tourism, tourism statistics and cultural and event tourism.

Julia Maria Brandão Barbosa Lourenço

Professor at Department of Civil Engineering, University of Minho, Campus de Azurém 4800-058 Guimarães, Portugal

Researcher of the Territory, Environment and Construction Centre, Univ. Minho.

Expert of the Evaluators Team of European Community (EE19981A23568).  


PhD in Civil Engineering / Urban and Regional Planning, IST / Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal  she is visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley (2012)

Visiting Professor of several Universities in Europe, US, Brazil and Thailand.

a  Vice-Dean and Dean of Civil Engineering Studies she has fostered supportive initial talks with Habitat for Humanity, Braga, Portugal. Author / co-author of over a 100 publications  and Portuguese Delegate Member of European Union COST Action C27 “Sustainable Development Policies for Minor Deprived Urban Communities”.