IWST 2012 - International Workshop on Sustainable Tourism


The workshop will present SustainableTourism as a way to cooperate and boost local economies of countries of destination through the strengthening of local tourism enterprises, the promotion of regional and community‐based tourism development, the protection of cultural and natural tourism assets  and will  display sustainable tourism potential and know-how accessible by tourism operators, students, professionals including training and capacity building opportunities for the hospitality industry .



Scientific Seminar with up to 60 guests

Duration: 9.30 -13.00 / 14.30 – 17.00

Presentations followed by Q&A session/discussion



Sunway Hotel, Phnom Penh Cambodia

September 17th , 2012

The Workshop is organized by the University of Trento, Department of Materials Engineering and Industrial Technologies in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus projects Bridging the Gap and One More Step  in collaboration with Trentino School of Management, ACSA , GTV,  Royal University of Phnom Penh, Department of Tourism - Cambodia.

It will illustrate and discuss responsible tourism  and sustainable models of tourism development and governance as one of possible alternatives to foster local growth.

With the aim of stimulating tourist operators and potential entrepreneurs to promote sustainable tourism services  and to collect information about specific needs of this emerging sector.


o   Local development through responsible tourism: a bottom up approach.

o   Responsible tourism: concept and services

o   Tourism trends towards 2020

o   Comparative models of tourism development and governance

o   Valorisation of cultural heritage , natural and cultural resources

o   Threats and opportunities for local tourism industry: emerging perspectives for existing and future tourism businesses

o   Newest products & services in the tourism sector

o   Opportunities for operators effective entrepreneurship with limited financial power

o   Experiences and study cases  in Europe and South east Asia